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I had a great weekend last weekend at the WDYTYA Live show in London at Olympia. I arrived on the Friday afternoon and had a quick look around, but the main reason for getting there then was to catch up with people who I’d met on twitter and other social media; it was great to meet people and put faces to names. Had a great meal that night with some fellow professional genealogists and some good discussions on practising as a professional and our own family histories.

Exhibition Hall at Olympia


On the Saturday I returned to have a good look around all the stalls and stopped by to say hello to a couple of people. I even managed to come away without buying any books, a first for me!

I attended a couple of talks, this one was with Audrey Collins from the TNA talking about the replacement for the Catalogue there, it was very interesting and I look forward to seeing how this works out over time. As you can see from the picture below, the talk was well attended.

SOG Workshop talk

Saturday lunchtime and it was time to listen to Nick Barratt talk about Ancestral Tourism, there was a long queue for this talk, and we had to wait longer for it to start due to the previous session with Emilia Fox overflowing.




Nick talked about the need to link in the heritage business to tourism in an area, citing the Scottish Homecoming even in 2009 and various initiatives in Ireland, he and others are talking to Visit Britain and other tourism giants on this.

Saturday was the busiest day at the show, so much so that at lunchtime the only place to sit down and have a sandwich was the floor!! Sunday was a much quieter day and I only attending one talk in the morning given by Gill Blanchard on Writing your Family History, Gill had some good tips, some of which I’d already come across and some of which were new to me. After that I spent the rest of the morning in one of the coffee spots talking to other people I knew from twitter etc., before heading off to catch the train home.

All in all it was a great weekend, I’m glad I went, despite the foot ache from walking to and from Earls Court every day. It was great to catch up with people and listen to some of the talks, the family history show side of things practically passed me by as I wasn’t interested in buying things I would then have to carry home on the train, but the social side of things was great! Not sure if I’ll go again next year, maybe the one after!






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